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Fire protection and Safety in australia

Surveys have found that over 85% of fires could have been extinguished prior to the arrival of the Fire Truck if the correct fire protection equipment had been available.We’re based in Melbourne, servicing the CBD, North West and inner suburbs.

  • Fire Fighter Equipment

    The manufacture of Portable Fire Extinguishers is governed by the suite of Standards AS1841.

  • Electrical Testing & Tagging

    Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760: 2010 is the relevant standard for the safety inspection.

  • Fire Hose Reel

    Australia Fire Protection (AFP) supplies quality fire hose reels in Melbourne CBD.

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Fire Safety In Australia

Ensuring that your home, workplace, or property is secure and ready in case of a fire emergency is vital. You never know when an event like a fire could take place, and therefore, it’s important to always stay ready. At Australia Fire Protection, we’re experts in fire safety practices and services and want to help you prepare your environment to be as secure as it possibly can. We will fully service, manage, and maintain your worksite or property with a series of fire-related equipment and ensure you know how to use them when needed.

At the AFP Group, we have a simple goal of ensuring that our clients are all well-versed and comfortable in the appropriate fire safety efforts for their environment. We will service all equipment regularly and provide personalised training and planning to assist you in tackling any emergencies that may occur. For more information on fire safety in Australia, contact our team of professionals today.

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Having access to the correct fire safety equipment can help you take the necessary precautions when it comes to fire. Knowing that your equipment is fully functional, ready to use when needed, and will perform its job perfectly can not only bring you peace of mind but make all the difference in extinguishing a fire when you first see one. Hence, At Australia Fire Protection, we understand how important it is to choose a company that is equipped with the best equipment and knows how to keep an area safe. We are experts on fire safety in Australia and provide reliable and experienced services to all our clients. There are many reasons to team up with us at Australia Fire Protection, some of which include:

  • We love getting to know our clients and building strong relationships
  • We will fully manage, service, and maintain your fire safety equipment
  • We offer a range of passive and active fire protection services
  • We specialise in design, installation, and servicing
  • We are your one-stop fire safety company for all equipment and services
  • A team of skilled and fully trained professionals
  • Dedicated to providing exceptional customer service
  • Inspection and testing of all equipment completed promptly
  • We’re experts in all fire safety equipment
  • Planning and strategy specialists – especially in terms of evacuation diagrams
  • Efficient services from a friendly team

With years of experience in the fire safety industry, we know exactly how to fire-proof a property. We’ll carefully examine your space and provide you with carefully crafted tips on how best to protect your property from a fire. At Australia Fire Protection, we’re proud to offer the best equipment and services in Melbourne and want to help you create the safest environment possible for your employees or guests. For more information on why you should choose us, get in touch with our friendly team of professionals today.

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Evacuation Diagrams

At Australia Fire Protection, we provide our customers with practical evacuation diagrams, complete with all necessary and relevant information regarding your commercial or residential property.

Fire Equipment Services

We specialise in servicing a range of fire equipment at regular intervals to ensure everything remains in pristine condition and will perform properly if needed in an emergency.

Emergency Response Plans

At Australia Fire Protection, we provide our customers with practical evacuation diagrams, complete with all necessary and relevant information regarding your

Inspections And Testing

AFP Groups are experts in fire protection, and therefore, we conduct professional inspections and testing of all your equipment. We'll manage your inspections to
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What Is Fire Equipment Service?
It is crucial to always ensure that the firefighting equipment function well, requiring regular inspection, testing, and servicing. A professional company offering fire equipment service will manage service and maintain your fire safety equipment. They will also design firefighting solutions and install them. Australia Fire Protection Group provide both firefighting equipment and fire equipment service. They will also prepare a detailed evacuation diagram to evacuate people in case of a fire outbreak safely.
What Is Fire Fighting Equipment?
Firefighting equipment includes all equipment that extinguishes a fire or provides fire protection to individuals and property. It consists of a wide range of fire hoses, fire extinguishers, protective clothing, respirator, fire detectors and alarm systems, and communication devices. It includes installed firefighting systems like the leading water supply network, hydrant, sprinklers, fuel, and emergency cut off system, portable generators and pumps. It is critical to have appropriate firefighting equipment at your premises to keep you safe.
How To Choose The Best Company For Fire Protection Service?
While choosing a fire protection service, it is essential to ensure that the service providers with whom you entrust your safety are licenced. They should be experienced and have in-depth knowledge about all government norms for fire safety and protection. The company should be accessible and flexible to service your requirements depending on your convenience. They should be having access to the latest and the best safety equipment, and lastly, it is essential to ask for recommendation from their existing customers.
What Are The Benefits Of Having Fire Equipment Service Providers?
Fire outbreak is one of the biggest threats to property and lives of people. Installing a well-designed firefighting system is just one part of fireproofing your property. It is equally important to regularly test and service the firefighting equipment to ensure that they work when emergency strikes. High-quality fire services will ensure that the equipment managed, serviced and maintained to function when a crisis hits. They will provide proper planning and evacuation strategies to keep all individuals safe.

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