Introducing fire awareness training in your workplace is an essential part of a successful fire safety program. It’s a necessary life skill that can benefit you and your employee at any time!

Why is Fire Safety Awareness and Fire Extinguisher Training Essential?

According to statistics, around 95% of all fires were found to be extinguishable, if the fire extinguisher is used correctly and promptly. Unfortunately, less than 25% of workers were able even to locate the nearest fire extinguisher at their workplace. This situation can prove detrimental, resulting in massive loss of lives and properties. Therefore, it is essential to provide basic fire safety skills and training to use a fire extinguisher. Here are more reasons why every workplace should offer fire safety training to their employees:

1. Prevent Injuries & Save Lives

Rushing to extinguish the fire when you’ve never handled a fire extinguisher is akin to inviting danger! You might stand too close to the flames or even extend your arms close enough to sustain burn injuries. In several cases, people have ended up getting trapped in the building (eventually losing their lives) to control the fire. With the right training, you and your employee can learn how to avoid such mistakes.

2. It Can Avoid Property Damage

A small fire which can be quickly extinguished transforms into a large-scale blaze. It can engulf major sections of your building and making the situation worse when you have a lot of combustible materials like office furniture or easily flammable items. Even if your property is insured, the time it takes to clean the mess and rebuild your office can be extremely detrimental for your business. However, the good news is, if your staff has the right training, they will be aware of exactly what to do if they notice a small fire, saving you valuable property worth millions of dollars.

3. Help the Employees Feel Safe in the Workplace

Knowing that they’re expected to use a fire extinguisher in a fire emergency, but not having any training on how to use it can make the employee feel uneasy and less confident.

It’s necessary for your employees to feel safe at the workplace, as it results in better attitudes and improved productivity. When your employees go through a professional fire extinguisher training program, they may develop a sense of teamwork, further enhancing overall morale.

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