Electrical Test and Tag Epping| Electrical Applicance Testing and Tagging Australian Standards


If you want to ensure workplace safety for your office across Epping, contact the experienced electricians from AFP Groups – Australia Fire Protection. We provide professional electrical testing & tagging services across Epping and nearby areas. Our experienced, licensed & insured electricians will perform the electrical appliance testing & tagging to diagnose the technical issues, threats and damages and tag them their safety status. We help keep your facility safe from electrical dangers and fire damage with our expert & accurate electrical appliance testing and tagging service. We are committed to offering quality safety inspections for businesses and commercial setups across Epping and surrounding areas.  Our expert electricians inspect all portable electrical appliances and tag their safety status, repair and replace any malfunctioning equipment in your facility.

How Can We Help?

At AFP Groups, we have a team of experienced & certified electricians to inspect each electrical item thoroughly through visual & electrical inspection and then tag the ones with their appropriate safety status. We inspect that your electrical appliances are tested concerning Australian safety standards and provide a report after the inspection.

Electrical Testing & Tagging FAQs

Where Can I Get Electrical & Testing Services Across Epping?

At AFP Groups, we offer electrical testing & tagging services, and safety checks across Epping and nearby areas. For more information, you can call us on 1300 475 715 to book an appointment. Your electrical items comply with the Australian standard AS/NZS 3760: 2010.

Do I Need To Test & Tag My Equipment?

Yes. Regardless of any business, you must provide a safe working environment for your employees and you’re liable for any damage or hurt to employees from electrical items that tested unsafe. So make sure that your business complies with workplace safety guidelines.

Can Electrical Testing & Tagging Prevent Damage?

Yes. As your electrical appliances may have hidden issues or missing parts or malfunctioned wires, taking up electrical testing and Testing Fire extinguishers & tagging will help detect the malfunctioned ones and help you stay safe and prevent further electrical damage.

What Areas Require Testing & Tagging?

We can inspect all the electrical appliances in all the areas of the office including the labs, kitchens and washrooms, server rooms, and storage areas.

If you’re looking for any fire emergency or Equipment Testing & Tagging service across Epping, call experts from AFP on 1300 475 715 today.