Emergency And Exit Light Testing Epping

In an emergency situation like fire, any failure to the main power supply can have a devastating effect. Smokiness and sudden darkness can pose hazards and threats to the occupants of the property. Having emergency lighting system in place can be effective and useful in providing enough illumination for safe evacuation. To ensure that your emergency lighting is in working condition, you must have it tested every 6 months and annually. For emergency and exit light testing in Epping, you can trust the team at Australia Fire Protection Group. We can test and maintain emergency and exit lighting for all sorts of commercial properties, including service offices, retail outlets, residential apartments and more.

Why Emergency & Exit Light Testing Is Important?

Australian Standards AS2293 state that emergency lighting must be fully tested every six months for commercial and industrial buildings. Regular testing ensures the safe passage of the occupants if the building has to be evacuated in the event of power outage, failure to the lighting systems, accidents or fires. By Fire extinguisher test and tag Australia Fire Protection Group, we can test and ensure proper working of all emergency lighting systems in all business settings and industries.

Our Emergency & Exit Light Testing Process:

During the test, we will simulate complete power failure to check if the emergency lighting system goes on and works constantly for at least 90 minutes of time as stipulated by Australian Standards AS2293. Following this, we also carry out battery charging functional check by turning back the power on. At the end of the test, we will provide you with a detailed report on the condition of your emergency lighting system and advice on any improvements required. This report can be used to demonstrate your compliance and to ensure that you are on top of your checks.

Whether you want one-off emergency lighting compliance check or ongoing testing and maintenance, the team at Australia Fire Protection Group is here to help. Call us on 1300 475 715 and schedule an appointment today.