Emergency And Exit Light Testing Sunshine

Emergency lights and exit signs are considered to be the most important safety aspects in any commercial building. While fire alarms alert you about the emergency and fire sprinklers extinguish fires, emergency and exit lights guide everyone in the building to safety in the event of fire, and during blackouts and electrical failure. According to National Construction Code, all exit and emergency lights must be tested every six months to ensure that your business has a clear exit path in place. At Australia Fire Protection Group, we have been providing emergency and exit light testing in Sunshine in compliance with the legal codes.

Why Should You Get Your Emergency & Exit Lights Tested?

In the event of fire, the entire building gets full of smoke, making it difficult for the occupants to evacuate the premises quickly. Having emergency and exit lights in excellent working condition can be helpful for the people to find an exit or safe place within the building quickly.

As a business owner, you must invest in emergency and Fire extinguisher test and tag exit lighting system that provides continuous lighting in the event of fire or power outage. It is also important to have them tested periodically, and failure to comply with that will lead to varying degrees of penalty.

How Can Australia Fire Protection Help You?

The experts at Australia Fire Protection Group can help businesses with installing, maintenance, repairing and servicing of all types of exit signs and emergency lighting.

In addition, we also perform Emergency & Exit Light testing in compliant with the Australian Standard and the Building Code of Australia. Once we have tested the lighting, we provide an unbiased report on the same, and advise you on the works needed to make your business compliant with Australian safe working standards.

If you would like to know more about our emergency & exit light testing service, call 1300 475 715 and talk to us today.