Emergency And Exit Light Testing Tullamarine

If you own a business, a retail store or an apartment building in Tullamarine, keeping your exit lighting systems in compliant condition is vital for your business. At Australia Fire Protection Group, we provide exit and emergency lighting test and repair in Tullamarine and can help keeping your business conforming to the Australian Standards AS2293.

What Is Emergency & Exit Lighting?

Usually, businesses in Tullamarine have three types of emergency lightings and exit signs installed in their premises – sustained, non-maintained and maintained. These lightings usually have back-up batteries that are constantly charged during normal operation. In case of blackouts, electrical failure or fire, the emergency lightings will get turned on and provide ample light for people to quickly and safely exit the building and move to a safe place.

How Can We Help You With Emergency & Exit Light Testing?

At Australia Fire Protection Group, we have a team of experienced fire safety testing experts who can test every emergency light and exit sign installed in your building. We will also perform fire hydrant pressure test and electrical test & tag. After completing the meticulous inspection work, our experts will advise you on the issues that need attention. Upon your approval, we will also quickly fix the issues without the need for a second visit. At the end of the exit emergency lighting test session, we will provide a detailed report and relevant legal documentation that includes the results of the test.

Evacuation Diagram Tullamarine

Fire evacuation plans must be visibly displayed throughout the building to ensure fast evacuation in case of emergencies. This is a requirement as per AS3745. This emergency evacuation map includes the layout of the buildings, designated exit points, location of firefighting safety equipment, assembly areas and evacuation routes. In addition, the evacuation plan also shows off ‘you are here’ sign to make it easier for people to know where they are and find the right way for the exit.  

Why Choose Us?

  • We have qualified and well-trained fire safety testing technicians.
  • We can install, service, maintain and test all types of emergency lighting & exit signs.
  • We can quickly fix issues if any, ensuring less downtime.
  • All testing is carried out using the industry standard procedures.
  • We provide unbiased report on the condition of your safety lighting system.

Whether you want us to test your emergency lighting and exit signs every six month or annually, we are happy to do it for you. For appointments, give us a call on 1300 475 715.