Evacuation Diagrams

AFP GROUPS provides the most attractive, practical and fully compliant evacuation plan and diagrams for client sites available in the market. Installing highly visible, easy to read evacuation diagrams in all common areas will provide essential assistance in safely evacuating large numbers of people from your building during fire emergencies.

AFP GROUPS evacuation diagrams contain the layout of the buildings, location of fire equipment, exits, assembly areas and egress routes. All maps are oriented with a “You are here” sign to ensure ease of use and basic procedures to enable a fast evacuation. Australia Fire Protection Group maintains a staff of professional CAD designers and floor plan specialists and can provide a number of framing and material options to meet our client’s specific needs.

Sample Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan and Diagram



What Do You Need To Include In Fire Emergency And Evacuation Plan?

There are three components of a fire emergency and evacuation plan: evacuation diagrams, emergency response plans, emergency training. Fire evacuation diagram should be detailed diagrams of how the evacuation would happen in case of emergency; they should be prominently displayed in common areas. The emergency response plan contains all information regarding the emergency contacts, roles and responsibility, hazards, risk, and other information. Emergency training should be given regularly to staff.

Why Is It Essential To Have A Fire Evacuation Plan Diagram?

As mentioned in AS3745, every evacuation diagram must depict the selected exit points and emergency assembly points and evacuation routes. It is advisable to have two exit routes, an alternate escape route which will allow fast evacuation of employees during emergencies. Failure to adhere to AS3745 could result in penalties up to $30,000. The Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) ensures all diagrams are up to date and have all information.

What Is Emergency Evacuation Plan?

An emergency evacuation plan or the emergency response plan is a document in which all critical information about the fire emergency is mentioned. If an updated emergency response plan is not in place, it could attract penalties. Aside from a legal obligation, every organisation’s moral responsibility is to invest in having a robust emergency evacuation plan, evacuation diagram, and ongoing fire and safety training. An emergency response plan could be the difference between life and death.

Why Should You Hire Professionals For Designing Emergency Evacuation Plan And Diagrams?

Professional in fire service will provide a functional, realistic, and fully compliant evacuation plan and diagrams. They will make plans that are easy to read and deliver essential assistance needed to evacuate all employees. They will install the diagram in all prominent places and common areas. Hiring professionals will ensure that the diagram is detailed and vital aspects like you are here signs, and other details are not missed.