Is your floor area over 300 m2? In such places use of Exit & Emergency Lights are always recommended. These are necessary to ensure safety of the visitors in case of emergency and are also mandated by the Australian safety provisions. Moreover, according to the Building Code of Australia (BCA), if the exit from any room does not open onto a space with adequate natural light (in the event of an emergency) then Emergency & Exit Lighting is required.

At Australia Fire Protection, we provide a one-stop solution to all the Exit & Emergency Lights requirements. In addition to offering high quality products, we provide our expertise, easy installation, maintenance and assistance. Our services strictly adhere to factors such as public access, class of building, layouts of the room and natural light.

IMPORTANCE OF EXIT & EMERGENCY LIGHTS : One overlooked detail or a small mistake can turn fatal during emergency related to fire. In such cases, it is crucial to keep these lights up to the safety codes in order to avoid accidents and lawsuits. These emergency light fixtures are essential to guide the public during a fire outbreak. At Australia Fire Protection, we provide a range of LED, self-luminous, fluorescent, photoluminescent lights and metal halide lights which are suitable for all construction types.

With quality Exit & Emergency Lights services in Melbourne, we ensure that all our safety lights protect your personnel and guests, as well as your own livelihood.