Fire Alarm Systems Melbourne

Australia Fire Protection – Fire Alarm Systems quickly inform fire stations of a fire breakout at the earliest stage. The end-result is the first line of protection from any sort of fire hazard and the complete peace of mind for you, your family, and the premises.

Australia Fire Protection offers various fire alarm systems in Melbourne CBD in a variety of configurations. Most of these fire alarm systems can be integrated with the existing fire safety system of the most residential and commercial buildings in Melbourne.

Every building is typically needs to be equipped with four types of fire alarm system: Automatic Fire Alarm, Smoke Detectors, Sprinkle System, and Fire Indicator Panel (FIP). This four-way detection system ensures you know about a fire breakout before it’s too late, and you have enough time to arrive at a safer place.

Smoke Detectors: Australia Fire Protection offers smoke detectors for domestic, commercial, and industrial establishments. In addition, we maintain and carry out periodic high quality inspections of the installed smoke alarms.

Smoke detectors are equipped with a photo detector that continuously receives a beam of light from the nearby source. In case of a fire outbreak, the path between the source and detector is broken triggering the alarm.

Temperature Detector: A temperature detector is essentially a thermal sensor that on detecting an unusual high temperature level triggers an alarm.

Sprinkle System: Sprinkler system is consist of a number ceiling mounted water sprinkles. These sprinkles work as a fire detection and suppression system. On detecting heat from the fire, they trigger an alarm, and start continuously pouring water on the source of that heat.

Australia Fire Protection maintains every type of fire sprinkler systems. We undertake regular inspection of the Sprinkle System.

Fire Indicator Panel (FIP): In case of a major fire, a Sprinkle System is hardly of any use. Rather in such cases, evacuation of the building set on fire is the top priority. A Fire Indicator Panel (FIP) is the need of the hour during such instances. The FIP, when triggered, raises a loud alarm that calls everyone to evacuate the building at the shortest notice. Fire stations use the FIP to decide the site of the fire and to accommodate the best line of defense.

Australia Fire Protection examines all FIPs, in addition to building’s EWIS and Intercom systems. These measures to make sure vital pieces of fire equipment are unfailingly serviceable at the time of a fire emergency.

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