Fire Doors Melbourne


At Australia Fire Protection, we are committed to helping everyone safe with a myriad of fire doors installation services. Primarily meant to protect lives in the event of fire outbreak, these fire doors are designed to be fire resistant and extremely resilient. Providing enough time for a safe escape, they can give protection for 30 minutes to 2 hours. Moreover, with great versatility, these doors come with options in glazing, self-closing louvers, fire resistance and emergency exits.


  • Wooden Fire Rated Doors
  • Steel Fire Rated Doors
  • Wooden Flush Doors

  • High rise buildings
  • Metro railway stations
  • Airports
  • Ships & Freight
  • Passenger liners
  • Telecom Centers
  • Power Plants and Industrial Plants
  • Multiplexes
  • Pharmaceutical and Food & Packaging
  • Auditoriums
  • Garment Processing Units
According to the fire compliance legislation, it is highly recommended for building owners, rental managers and builders to ensure that the fire doors in Melbourne are compliant and are highly maintained. We also provide regular inspection by qualified fire door specialists and ensure complete safety in case of emergency related to fire.


What Is The Function Of Fire Doors?

The fire or smoke door’s design is such that it contains flames and smoke and allows sufficient time for occupants to escape. The various parts of the door like the leaf, frame, seals, essential hardware, and much more work in tandem to achieve the purpose of checking the rapid spread of fire. Fire doors are a critical part of any property, whether commercial, multi-story, or residential. Once installed, regular fire door service will ensure that they work efficiently in a fire outbreak.

Why Is Important To Hire Fire Door Services?

Once installed on the property, fire extinguishers will be used only in a fire outbreak, unlike fire doors used daily. Due to extensive usage, the doors are subject to damage, wear, and tear over time. Thus, it is necessary to hire fire door services offered by professionals to keep the door in pristine condition. Professionals from AFP will ensure that all the parts of the fire door are fit to fight a fire of any sort. Fire doors will hold fire for 30 minutes to a few hours only if they have been maintained well.

What Are The Different Types Of Fire Doors?

The two main types of fire doors are designed to prevent the spread of fire and those used as fire escapes. Fire doors are either intended to slow the spread of fire or stop the spread of fire. Most standard doors provide either 30 or 60-minute inspection. 60-minute doors are installed at high-risk areas, and 30-minute doors are suitable for corridors, offices, and the general regions. These doors are effective only when they are closed because they are fitted with automatic door closures.

What Is Done In A Fire Door Inspection?

AFP fire door service includes an initial assessment of the fire doors for their efficacy and compliance as per the Australian Standards. Post assessment, a comprehensive report will be prepared to suggest the necessary maintenance required. If the fire door is damaged due to wear and tear, the inspection team inspects and confirms the extent of the damage. If the door can be repaired, the company will provide fire door repair, and in case the door is damaged beyond repair, the same will be replaced.