Fire Emergency Management Plan Campbellfield

Want to keep your property safe? You should have a fire emergency management plan for your business facility. To stay safe, contact our fire safety assessors from Australia Fire Protection. We understand that fire hazards are inevitable. That’s why we provide a proper and detailed fire emergency plan to help you get through any figure emergency safely.  Based on the fire safety assessment, we provide tailored fire emergency management plans for businesses of all types and sizes. With accurate recordings from the inspection, we provide all the arrangements to prevent fire and effectively protect the people and property.

What Does The Plan Cover?

  • Detailed arrangements for fighting the fire

  • Escape routes and evacuation plans and place of assembly

  • Safety measures for high-risk areas

  • Post-incident plans for dealing with fire situations

  • Shutting down all possible sources of ignition

With structured and detailed guidance from our team, you can remain confident that our ongoing fire safety management of your premises will remain at the very highest of standards.

How Can We Help You?

  • We provide fire safety training and inspections to determine the possible fire triggers in your workspace and make necessary arrangements for managing fire safety efficiently.

  • Based on the findings, our experienced team can provide fire safety advice to help you be aware of emergencies.

  • We inspect all the existing fire safety equipment and replace and install new fire safety equipment if needed.

  • We also offer follow-up inspections to ensure everything is maintained well.

  • We continuously review fire safety standards at your premise and provide separate maintenance for fire alarms fire extinguishers, and fire safety tools.

If you are unsure how effective your fire emergency management plans are and would like some advice, we would be delighted to help. For fire safety assessments, call Australian Fire Protection on 1300 475 715 today.