Fire Emergency Management Plan Melbourne

Fire hazards are a threat to any business facility. That’s why it’s important to have a proper and well-designed fire emergency management plan to ensure the safety of employees at work, prevent property damage and minimise the impact of the fire damage.  At Australia Fire Protection, we provide tailored fire emergency plans for businesses of all scales. With years of experience in fire protection, our fire safety professional can design a plan by understanding your business and provide proper escape and evacuation plans to protect employees from fire and prevent any sort of fire damage.

Whether you own an office, private property, or a commercial facility, our team consults with you to understand the fire safety needs of your organization. We assess the property thoroughly, look for potential emergencies that can arise in your facility, and then design a plan based on it.

What Does Our Fire Emergency Plan Include?

Our fire emergency plans will be more detailed and compiled.  It includes,

  • Arrangements to combat the fire hazards

  • Training employees and staff about quick steps on fire safety and what to do if a fire occurs.

  • Escape routes that help your employees or visitors to move from the fire to a safe place.

  • Specific arrangements for high-risk areas

  • Special arrangements for people with disabilities, children, and old aged people to move quickly and safely.

  • Any appliances, power supplies, and machines are to be turned off.

  • Assembly spot after evacuation

  • Turn on the life safety systems like fire alarms, smoke control, water sprinklers, and fire warning systems to alert everyone.

  • Calling fire safety experts for help.

  • What to do in the case of a sudden fire

Why Choose Australia Fire Protection?

  • We are fire safety and fire risk management experts helping businesses around Melbourne.

  • With years of trusted service, our fire safety professionals design fire emergency  and install fire protection equipment,

  • We also provide maintenance and update fire safety measures.

  • Our team of fire risk assessors provides training, fire safety instructions, and risk management to staff and employees to help them.

  • We provide fire risk assessments and review them regularly to ensure your site is safe.

So, get in touch with our professionals to make your workplace safe! For fire risk management plans for your business, call Australia Fire Protection at 1300 475 715 today.