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Australia Fire Protection conducts periodic fire extinguisher inspections in Melbourne CBD and adjoining suburbs in order to ensure your safety at the time of a fire emergency.


Australia Fire Protection inspects all fire extinguishers from time to time to ensure they are compliant with the Australian specifications for fire extinguishers as set out in the standard AS/NZS 1841. Australia Fire Protection knows when the inspection of fire extinguishers at your premises is due, and accordingly it schedules fire extinguisher services in your office or building in Melbourne.


At Australia Fire Protection, we know any inconsistence in a piece of fire safety equipment can lead to fatalities. After all, it’s a matter of life and death at the time of an emergency; there is no scope of negligence there. In Melbourne, nobody understands this better than we do. Not only are we a registered fire safety trainer and equipment provider in Melbourne, but we also have the team most capable fire safety experts in Melbourne. They are trained in every aspect of fire safety be it providing fire safety training, inspecting extinguishers, or handling a fire emergency.

To be utmost sure, you’re not a victim of fire safety negligence, we will assign you a dedicated fire expert who will keep a tab of the fire safety equipment in your premises and will answer you immediately in case of a fire emergency.


Fire extinguisher testing is vital at routine intervals. Generally, it’s best to get fire extinguisher testing every six months to ensure optimal performance and increased safety. A fire extinguisher test and tag service include:

  • Routine inspection
  • A pressure test and regular refill
  • Other servicing requirements at 1, 3, and 5 years of usage
  • The tests must be recorded on a metal tag attached to the unit
Tags are important as this is where you will find everything you need to know about the fire extinguisher. After any fire extinguisher test is carried out, the service tag is punched with a number which refers to the inspection that has just been completed. It allows you to keep an up-to-date record on fire extinguisher testing.

Ensuring that your fire extinguisher testing has been completed correctly can only be accomplished by utilising professional services from a reputable company. At Australia Fire Protection, we are experienced in fire safety and understand how to test for fire extinguishers’ functionality properly. Our fire extinguisher test and tag services will help you maintain a solid fire emergency plan and ease your mind of any worry regarding your fire extinguisher in the future.

After a fire extinguisher test and tag service session, our professionals will explain the basic regulations surrounding fire extinguishers, which will allow you to understand whether your fire extinguisher test and tag service has been done properly. Our team will show you how to maintain your fire extinguisher to remain in pristine condition between inspections. To ensure for uniform service, we recommend choosing one company that can expertly provide you with regular fire extinguisher testing and servicing. Choose our team at Australia Fire Protection for trustworthy and reliable fire extinguisher test and tag services that you can count on.

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Australia Fire Protection proficiently maintains, repairs, and sells all types of fire extinguishers for your place of living, work, or a public complex. If you want competitive quote on steadfast fire extinguishers, give us a call.

As part of our inclusive fire safety policies, Australia Fire Protection will examine and, if needed, upgrade your current fire extinguishers at competitive prices.



Why Do Companies Need Fire Extinguisher Service?

Regular testing, inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishers will ensure that they work seamlessly during times of emergency. A trained individual in the office should do a monthly check to ensure that the extinguishers are accessible and in the appropriate location, all labels are legible and unaltered. Besides in-house inspection, an annual assessment of fire-extinguishers must ensure that the extinguishers will work as intended during an emergency.

Why Is It Important To Comply With Standards Of Fire Safety In Australia?

It is a moral obligation of all employers to ensure that employees get a safe and healthy work environment. The Australian fire safety standards make it mandatory for companies to have a proper evacuation plan, evacuation diagram and evacuation training. Besides, it is also necessary to ensure regular maintenance of all fire safety equipment. All fire safety requirements should adhere to AS3745; non-compliance could attract penalties of up to $30,000.

Where Can I Find The Record Of Fire Extinguisher Test And Tag?

After completing all fire extinguisher tests by a competent person, it is essential to record all of them on the label or metal tag attached to the extinguisher. Tags are crucial as it is where all details about the fire extinguisher are recorded. Tags allow keeping an up-to-date record of fire extinguisher testing. Installation of correct fire extinguisher is only half the job of keeping your property safe; fire extinguisher test and tag ensure complete protection against fire.

What Is Done In Fire Extinguisher Service?

AFP professional’s fire extinguisher service will include detailed outline inspection of all units, pressure tests and refill, fulfilling all service requirements after 1,3 and 5 years of usage and recording the tests on the metal tag. They will also ensure that a correct fire extinguisher is installed depending on the type of fire risk. The professional will also train designated employees on how to maintain the extinguisher in pristine condition. Regular maintenance rules out the chances of failures during emergencies.

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