Fire Hydrant Boosters

In a building, the fire hydrant system is installed for fire safety and emergency assistance during  a fire breakout. Hydrant boosters, also known as fire hydrant pump, fire pumps and fire water pumps, are specifically designed to increase the fire fighting capacity. They boost the pressure in the hydrants, when tank fed is being used or the mains is not efficient. With a sturdy brass construction, theses boosters are highly effective and reliable.

The hydrant boosters from Australia Fire Protection are renowned for reliability, quality assurance, and safety. In Australia, the Building Code of Australia has stated certain provisions of having a fire hydrant system in buildings to facilitate the fire fighting operations and emergency assistance during a fire hazard. Our fire hydrant boosters are designed as per the required Australian standards of fire control.


  • We provide assembly services of the hydrant boosters, ensuring that they provide a point of attachment for the fire brigade in case of emergency. Our technicians are professionally trained to mount the booster in the fire hydrant system cabinet, which includes the details of pressure limitations and other required information.
  • Our trained technicians also support with periodic inspections, tests and surveys for maintenance purpose. We strictly abide by the Australian Standard AS2419 and Australian Standard AS1851, for the booster to fulfil its purpose when required.
We are committed to fire protection and provide the highest quality hydrant boosters in Melbourne.