Fire Risk Management Melbourne

No matter what business you are in, fire risk management is something you should do to ensure workplace safety for your employees, staff, and people who visit your facility every day. At Australia Fire Protection, we provide fire risk management services to businesses of all types and sizes. Our job is to ensure that the existing fire safety equipment is in working condition, identify the potential risks in the premises, and assess fire risk conditions to determine safety measures and practices.

We have a dedicated team of experienced and qualified fire safety assessors to provide fire risk assessment for your facility.

Our fire risk assessment involves,

  • Determining the fire hazards in your premises

  • Working people who are at risk

  • Evaluate the existing fire safety equipment and decide whether it needs to be changed

  • Identifying the potential consequences

  • Record the findings, develop an emergency plan

  • Instruct employees and staff and provide training to mitigate fire risks.

  • Help staff and employees to be aware of the escape routes and evacuation plans, and place of assembly.

As part of our fire risk management, we will check for any defects in the fire extinguishers and check all the fire safety systems, including the fire alarms, smoke control, sprinklers, fire-fighting lifts, and fire hydrants. In the event of any emergency, the fire alarm should be in proper working condition to alert all the people inside the building. We check all these criteria to ensure your site is equipped to manage a fire emergency.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are expert fire risk assessors to identify any potential fire hazard on your site.

  • No matter the type of business or size of the facility, we thoroughly check and identify your fire safety systems and equipment and maintain them.

  • In the case of any defects or the equipment is not in correct working condition, we will also install a new one and review them regularly.

  • Our team can instruct and train your staff to be aware of what to do next in case of a fire emergency.

  • From providing safety measures to the emergency plan, we can help keep your site as safe as possible.

If you need our fire risk management services, call Australia Fire Protection on 1300 475 715 today.