Fire Safety Training


Australia Fire Protection (AFP) Group’s fire safety training in Melbourne is apt for corporations and institutes that want their staff to be educated for fire emergencies. Working with one of the best fire and safety training services in Melbourne CBD ensures that the trainees, undergoing fire safety training in Melbourne with AFP Group, are skilled to take on basic firefighting in the place of work.

Australia Fire Protection’s fire safety training course in Melbourne will prepare your employees with the abilities required to handle fire extinguishers and other pieces of equipment. By training your employees in fire extinguisher exercise and with regular fire drills, your organisation will ensure that your employees are prepared to take over any place of work fire on time and without harm.

  Fire Warden training outline
  • Discuss evacuation and assembly principles and procedures.
  • Discuss fire, bomb threat, and other emergencies and their effects on the workplace.
  • Identify the workplace fireboard and fire equipment location(s).
  • Demonstrate knowledge of workplace evacuation procedures.
  • Demonstrate efficient evacuation of the workplace.
 Chief Warden training outline
  • Prepare for workplace emergencies.
  • Apply command, control and coordinate aspects of workplace emergency procedures.
  • Control the response to emergency reports, signals and warnings.
  • Coordinate reports and results of initial emergency response.
  • Conclude incident.
 Fire Extinguisher training

Our fire extinguisher training course is designed to ensure trainees are suitably versed in the safe use of fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and fire blankets. This course includes both a theory and a practical component to ensure that successful participants can safely attend and resolve confined small workplace fire incidents. This course is a must for all organisations that want to equip their employees with the expert knowledge needed in a first response emergency situation.

  • Fire triangle theory
  • Raising the alarm
  • Fire safety and evacuation
  • Classes of fire
  • Types of fire extinguishers
  • Safety procedures when fighting fires
  • Fire fighting tactics
  • Practical sessions


What Kind of Fire Safety Training Are There?

There are various training courses run by institutes in Australia, from advanced workplace health and safety training for employees. Australia Fire Protection (AFP) Group’s fire safety training is meant for corporates who want their employees to be aware of various fire emergencies and handle them. The three offered by AFP are:

  • Fire warden training: Discusses types of workplace threats and how to handle them when fire emergency strikes.
  • Chief Warden training outline: Prepares for workplace emergencies, readies trainees to command control and coordinate during emergencies.
  • Fire extinguisher training: This training ensures that the trainees are well versed with the safe use of fire hose, reels, and fire blankets.

Why Is It Important To Provide Fire Safety Training For Your Employees?

Workplace emergencies are threatening for the workers, customers, public and the environment; it could lead to operations failure and physical damage. Regular fire safety training and fire drills are conducted to prevent fires. If fire emergencies arise, the staff should have prior knowledge of a suitable response mechanism to minimise the damage. Fire training will help organisations do a fire risk assessment of their premises and minimise the damage. Fire safety training could also be a legal requirement.

What Happens If The Employees Don’t Have Fire Training?

Without proper training, a small fire outbreak could quickly transform into a significant incident and lead to shocking outcomes. Fire risk impacts everyone; however, some workers may be gravely affected due to their location of work in the office. Ignorance about the equipment or hazardous, flammable substances at the worksite could add to the risk to human lives. Fire safety training at AFP will teach workers to recognise fire hazards, perform a fire safety risk assessment and prevent workplace fire.

What Are The Main Objectives Of Fire And Safety Training?

The primary objective of fire safety training is to prevent fire. If fire incidences do happen, the employees should handle them efficiently and minimise the damage. During fire outbreaks, the employees could be stricken by panic, which could only worsen the situation. Fire and safety training could save a lot of precious lives. Loss of employment and production loss due to fire damage can be easily averted by providing proper training.