Bushfire is a common occurrence in Australia – The hot and humid climate during the warmer months is responsible for triggering a wildfire in the forested areas. The bushfire is known to cause large-scale devastation of life and properties when they spread to the densely populated residential areas.

Since bushfires are inevitable, having fire hydrants in place plays a pivotal role in effective fire fighting.

Why Having Proper Fire Hydrants in Place Crucial?

Fire hydrants are strategically fitted in every neighbourhood, as they form an integral part of any fire protection system. These structures give the firefighter an efficient means to put out the fire in no time!  The fire fighting personnel can attach the pipes on a fire hydrant and spray water on the areas which have caught fire.

Here we have listed down some of the benefits of  having a fire hydrant:

1. Storage of Water

It is observed that a majority of bushfire occurred during scorching summers when the water is generally scarce. Fitting a fire hydrant in your neighbourhood helps to store and provide a quick, easy and constant supply of water during an emergency during a dry spell. Moreover, it help the firefighters to put out the fire in no time as they get sufficient water supply.

2. Easy Access

Fire hydrants are designed in such a manner that provides the firefighters easy access to attach their equipment like high power hose pipes, valves or pumps for effortless fire prevention.

During the dry spell or extreme summers, finding water points or getting easy access to water sources become a challenge. Having a fire hydrant everywhere helps to ease down the entire firefighting process, as it offers quick access to an uninterrupted source of water.

3. Uninterrupted Water Supply

Fire hydrants are equipped with boosters that supply water at high speed. They are designed in a way that ensures a smooth, uninterrupted and continuous supply of water to put out a fire.


Since fire hydrants come in handy in times of a fire outbreak and are the most crucial feature that helps in fighting and preventing infernos, picking the right fire protection service is essential. Carry out thorough research before you hire a fire protection service provider. This will help you to gauge their expertise and experience.