How to Use a Fire Blanket?

Fire blankets are useful during fires. Fire blankets are non-flammable and can withstand a temperature up to 900F. They overpower small fires by restricting oxygen. Owing to its straightforwardness, a fire blanket may be more convenient for somebody who is inexpert with fire extinguishers.

Learn how to use a fire blanket in the event of a fire and guard your place.

1.Putting Out a Fire
Fire blankets are normally packed in small bags with two tabs hanging down. Drawing on the tabs will swiftly discharge the blanket, letting fast access in case of a fire emergency.

2.Protect your hands
Do not let any flame to injure your fingers. Put over the corners of the blanket over your palms to protect them. In addition, flame retardant gloves can deal with the state quickly provided you have a pair at that moment of time.

3.Place the blanket over the fire
Once your hands are protected with flame retardant gloves or the blanket itself, place the blanket over the flames. Do not try to toss the blanket from a distance even if you’re a basketball fan; rather put it down gradually. Commence from the inner sides of the flames and draw near.

4.Switch off any heat source
Heat sources such as an oven, stove burner, and space heater are some of the common reasons of household fires. If you find any of them is still switched on, then turn the heat source off. This will decline the sum of time it takes for the fire to smother.

5.Keep the blanket in place
Keep the blanket in the same place for a few more minutes to make sure the blanket has exhausted the fire source. This should not take more than 15 minutes. It will take some time for the blanket to cool down. Any attempt to hold it before that can burn your hand severely.