Although most of the fire extinguishers that are in place in Melbourne work in the same way, at Australia Fire Protection /AFP Groups, we recommend the user to check the instructions before deploying a fire extinguisher in the case of fire.

Did you know a typical fire extinguisher contains only 10seconds of extinguishing power? To be precise, you have a thin scoped of mistake. That’s why it is important to learn—how to use a fire extinguisher? As mentioned above, read the instructions over the unit beforehand to become familiar. You won’t be having much time during an outbreak.

Moreover, a hands-on-training with the extinguisher would be great.

Every fire extinguisher, irrespective of built and brand,follows the “PASS” rule:

P: Pull the Pin
A: Aim at the base
S: Squeeze the level gradually
S: Sweep from side to side

Pull the Pin: The pin unlocks the lock. Thus, allows you to discharge the extinguisher.

Aim at the base of the fire: Don’t aim at the fire but at the base of the fire. Empty the entire content of the extinguisher unit over fire’s base.

Squeeze the lever slowly: This will release the content. Don’t release the handle or the discharge will stop.

Sweep from side to side: In a sweeping motion, move the fire extinguisher backward and forward ’til the fire is out.


  • Operate the extinguisher from a safe distance, at least a few feet away.
  • Read the instructions on your fire extinguisher.
  • Aim at the base of the fire, not over the flames!
  • After putting off the fire, do not pace away! Watch the area for a while; it re-ignites sometimes

Final Words: The extinguisher won’t be of much use if it’s full or partially discharged. This could prove fatal in case of an emergency. Don’t let that happen with you or anyone? Always insist on Australia Fire Protection Groups’ annual fire maintenance contract for complete peace of mind.