Portable Fire Extinguishers Suppliers & Installers

The most feasible way to limit the amount of damage during a fire outbreak is by making portable fire extinguishers an important part of the fire prevention program. Under a great installation service and proper use, these fire extinguishers can save life and property by controlling the fire until additional help arrives at the site. With high quality services, Australia Fire Protection ensures that the portable fire extinguishers will work as first line of defense against limited size fire outbreaks.

All our portable fire extinguishers are approved by a recognised testing laboratory, function on the expected fire, are located where they can be readily accessible, are regularly inspected and maintained as per the safety regulations.

PORTABLE FIRE EXTINGUISHER PLACEMENT : Protection from fire outbreaks in ensures when the installed fire extinguishers are ready to go. At Australia Fire Protection, we provide a the following range of Portable Fire Extinguishers in Melbourne.

Class A 75 feet
Class B 50 feet
Class C Based on appropriate hazard
Class D 75 feet
OUR SERVICES :  The requirements for portable fire extinguishers are primarily governed by the Occupational Safety and Health codes. With strict compliance to them, we specialise in,
  • Installation and placement
  • Maintenance, Inspection and Testing
  • Hydrostatic testing
Our portable fire extinguishers are an effective early response to a developing fire. We are committed to save lives during emergency related to fire.