Fire protection is a complete network of fire equipment together that works to protect people and facilities from fire hazards. Especially, commercial buildings are susceptible to fire hazards from the high number of electrical equipment, other flammable materials, and the number of other factors that can cause a fire. Having a sprinkler system installed in the premise will make a big difference in getting people safely away from the fire flames.

Here’s why sprinkler system installation is essential to your business.

It saves lives and the building assets.

The priority for fire response is to ensure that all people in danger can escape from the premise.  If you have a sprinkler system that is well-maintained and regularly inspected, then it will automatically reduce potential damage, injuries, and death by more than 70 per cent. Businesses, where sprinkler systems are not correctly installed or well-maintained, have often resulted in a total loss from fire.

Effective Containment

Sprinkler system heads are only activated when they reach the higher temperature. At that point, the fire sprinkler starts releasing water from the pipes and into the fire area. It will not stop until the fire department arrives to turn off the water supply. This type of emergency response will completely suppress the fire before it gets the opportunity to spread more in the building.


Sprinkler systems work at a perfect balance of sensitivity and intelligence. They won’t give any false alarm and cause unnecessary water damage to your types of equipment and other assets. Sprinkler failures are usually the result of poor maintenance and lack of inspections.

Commercial and Residential Fire Protection from Australia Fire Protection

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