Thermal Imaging Assessment

The advantages of thermal imaging assessment aren’t limited to structure fire emergencies, which involve residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The fire protection services are finding the technology more than helpful in search & rescue, assessment of wild forest fires, motor vehicle accidents, industrial and petrochemical fire outbreaks. Spotting the victims amidst dense smoke and darkness, makes thermal imaging a powerful firefighting tool. As a preventive measure, these assessments also assist in spotting holes and structural deformities which can endanger their lives during fire outbreak or fire control exercise. Keeping the technological advancement and the dangers of fire in focus, Australia Fire Protection Group provides high quality fire equipment services in Melbourne.


Thermal Imaging or Thermography uses temperature wavelengths/infrared waves to create an image which is not affected by visual light. This non-destructive testing approach provides valuable information. It is used in conducting more accurate assessment of issues in a building/area including heat loss areas and overloaded circuits.


Electrical Thermal Imaging is an additional tool to the thermal assessment of your home/building. Thermograms can detect the heat created by excessive friction, abnormal heat loss in the building, abnormally hot electrical wiring/components/connections, defects in thermal insulation and anything that has a potential to cause fire.

We use thermal imaging to primarily assess and lead the preventive maintenance services. Using the highly advanced thermal devices, it becomes easier to detect the electrical faults through switchboard and panelboards thermal imaging assessments. We deal with:

  • Distribution board and circuit survey when in normal use
  • Preventive maintenance with minimal disruption to workflow
  • Cost-effective approach to electrical imaging assessment
  • Risk assessment and reduction, considering insurance company parameters in case of electrical overheating, faults and fires.
  • Thermographic scan by a certified technician

We specialise in a comprehensive list of active and passive fire protection services. To take advantage of our thermal imaging assessment, contact us today or Call 1300 475 715.