When To Use A Fire Blanket?

Fire safety is an essential aspect of ensuring the well-being of individuals and the preservation of properties. Among various fire protection equipment, fire blankets offer a simple yet effective solution for certain types of fires. Understanding when to use a fire blanket is crucial in maximizing fire safety and protection. In today’s blog, we’ll explore the applications of fire blankets, brought to you by Australia Fire Protection, your trusted partner in fire safety management.

What is a Fire Blanket?

A fire blanket is a fire protection tool made of fire-resistant materials designed to extinguish small fires at their initial stages. It operates by smothering the flames, cutting off the fire’s oxygen supply, and ultimately putting it out. Suitable for residential and commercial settings, fire blankets are an integral part of comprehensive fire safety management strategies.

Ideal Situations for Fire Blanket Use

Kitchen Fires

The most common use for fire blankets is in the kitchen, where they can be employed to extinguish fires caused by cooking oil or equipment. Unlike fire extinguishers, which can spread the flames of oil fires, fire blankets smother the fire without creating a mess.

Personal Fire Protection

In scenarios where clothing catches fire, wrapping the individual in a fire blanket can quickly extinguish the flames, preventing severe injuries.

Electrical Fires

For small electrical fires, such as those in appliances or wiring, a fire blanket can be a safer alternative to water-based fire extinguishers, which carry the risk of electrocution.

Fire blankets are a versatile fire protection tool that should be readily available alongside fire extinguishers in homes and workplaces. Knowing when to use them is required to effectively respond to fires and enhance fire safety training.

Australia Fire Protection recommends incorporating fire blankets into your fire safety management plan, ensuring you’re prepared for emergencies. Remember, having the right knowledge and equipment are your best defense against fire.

By understanding what fire blankets are for and how to use them properly, you can be better prepared to handle small fires and potentially prevent them from escalating into larger emergencies. To know more about this, call us at 1300 475 715 today.