Bushfires are an intrinsic part of Australia’s environment. They are renowned for causing damage to both life and property. Bushfires move slower with higher heat output. This means they pass in two to five minutes, but they can smoulder for days. We all know that lightning is a universal ignition source of the fire, but the majority of fires are linked to people. The current hot, dry and windy weather increases the risk of fire starting, but various reasons provide the spark that can cause fire. Some of the reasons that start a bushfire spark are as follows:

Bushfire Australia

1. Burning the Debris

Burning off the debris and waste is a regular source of bushfire ignition. Usually, people ignore the fire ban and set the fire, which can have a catastrophic impact. In 2017, the Carwoola fire in southern New South Wales that destroyed eight homes, numerous vehicles and livestock was started by two men who ignored a fire ban and set afire another person’s property. Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-07-06/carwoola-fire-two-men-to-face-court-over-destructive-blaze/8685326

2. Arson

Many complex reasons and varied reasons can cause people to commit arson. According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, half bushfires that occur in Australia are either known to be deliberately lit or considered suspicious.

3. Smoking

Though smoking isn’t a common source of bushfire ignition, many times there are specific conditions for a flickered cigarette to spark a fire. Generally, temperatures above 27 degrees celsius and humidity below 22 per cent are some of the factors that can cause a fire through a lit cigarette. The cigarette needs to land in a loose fuel bed. Additionally, fires that start by the roadside are mostly ignited by burning pieces of carbon ejected from car exhausts.

4. Campfires

Most of the times, campfires aren’t correctly extinguished, and embers from a campfire can cause a bushfire hazard. Recently many popular campsites have been moved away from open campfires and provided fire rings to contain embers.

5. Use of Equipment

Using grinders or welding equipment outdoors is not permitted during a fire ban because of the sparks they throw. Chainsaws, angle grinders, mowers and other such types of equipment are known to cause bushfires.

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